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Dora taken anal

A small Guide to practice Analsex

You can practise analsex standing, lying, kneeling, sitting, or with the woman astride.

The lack of face-to-faceness is more than compensated for by extra depth and buttock stimulation, hand access to breasts and clitoris, and the sight of a pretty rear view.

For the standing positions she needs something of the right height to support her - in the head-down kneeling positions you need to be careful not to push her face into the mattress.

All of the de variants needs you to avoid going too deep too hard, or you will hit an ovary, which is as painful as hitting a testicle.

Some women see the symbolism “doing it like animals” because we aren’t face to face. The rectal payoff is that intense that they shouldn’t allow these feelings to make them miss it.

First try should be when the man is lying on his back and the woman lying face up on top of him or kneeling facing away. This does not give the unique depth and total perineal stimulation of the rear kneeling positions. In this position, the man can hold her breasts or pubes, or, if she likes to be forced grasp her wrists behind her. Pillows under her middle will help to prevent the position collapsing. If she do not like being forcibly held, she can kneel on the floor with her chest on the bed or a chairseat. The ass up, head-down position is best for depth and total apposition.

You should avoid it if it hurts her to much, or if she has a weak back. Also if She is she is pregnant this is no good. Some Girls like a finger on his or hers clitoris while during the sex intercourse. This is easy in all rear positions. 100% worth trying as it totally alters the amaount of sensation. Grasping the whole pink pussy in one hand gives a different feeling. It does not give the extreme sharpness which comes from strong clitor l stimulation. You can withdraw her briefly and give a few pinch of clitoral strokes with the glans, guiding it with your fingers While the deep kneeling position is practiced. One of the toughest is from behind on your sides. It is about the gentlest and a la paresseuse. Calld also the lazy position and can even be done in sleep. The best is when she draws her top thigh up a little and sticks her bottom out.

This is one position which, in many women, can be managed with very little or even no erection. Partial impotence or nervousness can be cured this way. On the male side by restoring morale and excellent if you want it gentle for health reasons. Sexperimenting with the full range of rear positions at least as fully as with the face-to-face Positions because there will be at least one you’ll almost do regularly. Along with its variants, and the woman-assride position.

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